Advertising Disclosure

Does receive any money from advertisers?

Yes, Belly Brain receives monetary compensation from partnerships with affiliate programs, and may also receive compensation from advertising such as sponsored content. Please note, any sponsored content will be clearly distinguished as “sponsored” at the top of the article.

Why do you accept compensation from advertisers?

Funding from our advertisers gives us the ability to do more research, cover additional new women’s health topics and get input from a range of experts.

Do paid sponsors influence your review or endorsement of women’s health products / programs?

No, we will never allow sponsors to influence our content, but they can give us input about broad topic areas. Belly Brain has guidelines in place to help ensure that advertisers never get in the way of our editorial integrity.

We don’t endorse any products, ads are clearly distinguished on our website from editorial content, and we will clearly distinguish between any sponsored and non-sponsored content.

Questions? We Welcome Your Feedback

Please don’t hesitate to contact us here with any concerns, feedback or ideas for BellyBrain product reviews or other content. We welcome your contribution!