Best Home Workouts: The App Breakdown

We’ve sampled tons of workout programs for women that you can do from home – here’s a Belly Brain guide to the best!

best womens fitness apps

Our Guide to Home Workout Apps

Getting lost in the overwhelming options of home workout programs can leave you feeling lost and confused. At least it did for me. Inevitably, being overwhelmed leads to doing nothing and failing to take action on your gym and exercise routine.

Aaptiv App

Best Budget Option
aaptiv review
  • 1000's of instructor-led workout classes
  • New workout content added weekly
  • Great for marathons & race training

Jillian Michaels App

Best Overall
jillian michaels fitness app
  • Highly customizable workouts
  • Nutrition features for different diets
  • Far less $$ than a gym membership

Pilates Anytime

Best for Mind & Body
pilates anytime app review
  • Quick, effective, minimal equipment
  • Great for all pilates levels
  • Incorporates meditation and yoga

Did the COVID-19 pandemic leave you without a gym membership? Were you scrambling with how to find the best home workout programs and how to stay fit and not gain the quarantine 15? At first, I was lost when I found out my gym was closed. I literally cried after missing my favorite Monday Body Sculpt class.

I quickly realized I had to make the best of this situation and started researching some of the best home workout programs out there.

Best Overall for Weight Loss: Jillian Michaels 

Jillian Michaels’ app wins best home workout program from Belly Brain. Hundreds of women have provided testimonials of their weight loss journey, many boasting 30+ pounds of loss. 

Jillian Michaels has helped millions of women with their fitness goals and has been customizing at home workouts for almost 20 years as a personal trainer.  

Her home fitness workout is customizable – after answering a few short questions about your workout goals and fitness levels, it recommends a specific workout for you.

There are many different exercise programs available inside of the app including: 

  • Yoga
  • HIIT
  • Cardio
  • Weight Training

It’s a one-stop-shop for anyone who likes variety and doesn’t want to do the same type of workout over and over again.  

Jillian’s home workout program is also very customizable, allowing you to build a program to help you meet all of your fitness goals and needs. It allows you to pick the equipment you have at home (or none at all) and develops a workout based on your selection. Each move comes with both written and visual instructions from Jillian herself.  


  • Great value for the money by a top trainer in the health and fitness industry
  • Her workouts are easy to follow and never boring
  • Also includes a nutrition element to the app for different diets you’d like to adapt
  • The monthly or even yearly cost is far less expensive than a gym membership


  • You only get Jillian as your trainer, which can be a little boring to some who prefer to hear different voices for their workouts
  • Some of the workouts and moves are repetitive
  • No offline mode 

Cost: Jillian Michaels’ home fitness app comes with a free 7-day trial. After that, it offers three different payment plans:  $14.99 monthly, $34.99 for three months, or a yearly plan at $119.

Best for Budget: Aaptiv App (Best Variety)

If you’re someone who gets bored easily and appreciates variety in your workouts, Aaptiv could be the app for you. With many different personal trainers and workouts to choose from and over 2,500 classes inside of the app (with 40 or more added weekly) your choices are nearly endless with Aaptiv. 

Aaptiv has a wide variety of workouts including:

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Strength Training
  • Stretching
  • Yoga 
  • Pilates 

Aaptiv has very specialized programs to meet anyone’s fitness level, from beginner to advanced athlete. Aaptiv is a great fitness app for any woman who is looking to train for a marathon or other race.


  • Workouts are led by certified personal trainers 
  • Lots of variety and instructors so you don’t get bored 
  • New content being added weekly 


  • No nutrition plan included 
  • There isn’t a visual component 

Cost: Aaptiv has a free 7-day trial. After that it’s $14.99 monthly or $99.99 for a yearly subscription plus taxes 

Best for Mind and Body: Pilates Anytime

Kristi Cooper White is the founder and creator of Pilates Anytime. She has been featured on Oprah and has helped train many other celebrities. 

Kristi wanted to bring pilates to the masses, so in 2010 she founded the Pilates Anytime app. The app made pilates accessible to anyone at any time.  

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a great low- impact muscle building exercise that can be done either on a mat or with a special machine called a reformer. It helps build your core and offers a solid foundation for flexibility and strength.  

Pilates Anytime is great for someone who wants a quick and effective workout with minimal equipment as a lot of the workouts are done using your own body weight. Pilates focuses on toning and tightening while also working on your flexibility.  

Pilates Anytime offers both mat and reformer (pilates-specific equipment) exercises that you can do for your at-home workout.  

Pilates Anytime also offers meditation which is so important for the mind, body and soul.


  • Workouts ranging from under 10 minutes to up to 60 minutes 
  • Incorporates meditation and yoga 
  • Customizable for you 
  • Great for all pilates levels 


  • This app only focuses on pilates and isn’t very diverse in class structure 
  • Not great if you want to gain a lot of muscle strength 
  • Doesn’t offer meal prep or meal planning 

Cost: Free 15-day trial, and then it is either $18 a month or $198 for the year

As you can see, there’s no shortage of at-home workouts to choose from! Deciding which one to use is actually the easy part. The hard part is making a commitment to take consistent action and dedicating time to your practice.

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