Best Online Yoga Programs: Get Your Fix at Home

Here’s a Belly Brain guide to women’s yoga classes & programs you can do from the comfort of your own home. 

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Our Top Picks for Online Yoga

With dozens of different online yoga programs proliferating the market, it can be easy for anyone to get lost in the noise. Choosing a good online yoga program is essential if you want to ensure that you’re on the right track with your wellness journey.

In this post, we compare three of the best online yoga programs you can enroll in to get your yoga fix at home!

Yoga Download

Best Overall for Variety
yoga download review
  • Easy-to-navigate platform for classes, programs, more
  • Hundreds of programs for all yoga skill levels
  • Subscription membership allows unlimited access

Yogi Approved

Best for Budget
yogi approved review
  • Online classes available in different formats, from short to long-form
  • Yoga is combined with other exercise for good workouts
  • 100s of classes continually refreshed for variety

Healthy Moving

Best for Targeted Goals review
  • Targeted programs to help you achieve specific goals
  • Options for improving body image, mind-body connection, more
  • Run by single instructor with 15+ years of experience

Why Do Yoga?

Yoga is one of the oldest art forms that combines physical, mental and spiritual well-being into a single exercise. Regularly practicing yoga can bring with it countless benefits, including stress-relief, relaxation and mental clarity [1]. If you’re yearning to find calm amidst a busy lifestyle, yoga may be an ideal workout for you. 

With more and more businesses adapting to a post-COVID landscape, online courses and programs have taken the world by storm. Here are three of the best online yoga programs where you can learn and practice yoga without having to leave the house:

Best Overall for Variety: Yoga Download

Yoga Download is one of the most popular online yoga websites and it offers a comprehensive catalog of yoga classes, programs, apps and music. You can even use the website to book a yoga retreat.

The platform is easy to navigate, and it offers a variety of different yoga classes and programs for yogis of all skill levels. Beginners with little to no experience with yoga can benefit from Yoga Download’s beginner programs such as the Basic Beginner Yoga Program or the Beginner Power Yoga w/ Jackie

At the same time, more experienced yogis can challenge themselves by trying out some of the more advanced programs such as the 5-Day Power Vinyasa Flow Bootcamp or the Yoga for Weight Loss Program.

With literally hundreds of programs available for you to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice with Yoga Download. 


  • Hundreds of different programs available for yogis of all skill levels
  • You can subscribe for an unlimited subscription membership that allows you to access all the classes on the website


  • Each program is individually priced if you do not sign up for an unlimited subscription membership


The unlimited subscription membership starts from just $10 per month when you subscribe for a year. Otherwise, a standard monthly plan costs $12 per month whereas an unlimited monthly plan costs $18 per month.

You can also purchase programs and packages individually, with prices per program or package typically ranging from $30 to $100.

Best for Budget: YogiApproved

YogiApproved is an online platform with thousands of health and wellness articles, as well as hundreds of online fitness, wellness, and yoga classes.  

The website offers online yoga classes in a variety of formats, ranging from short classes that you can join to learn specific yoga techniques to long-form yoga programs that you can participate in over the course of a few weeks. The available classes on the website are constantly refreshed, so you will never have to worry about running out of things to do.

Many of the online yoga programs on YogiApproved also integrate other elements of health and fitness into them. So you’ll find an abundance of classes that combine yoga with other forms of exercise such as barre and high intensity interval training (HIIT).


  • There are hundreds of different classes and programs available
  • Many classes and programs combine yoga with other forms of exercise, enabling you to get a good workout
  • YogiApproved plants a tree for every class that someone takes on the platform, enabling you to practice yoga while contributing to environmental sustainability


  • The classes on the platform are not sorted by level, making them somewhat confusing for beginners


New members can enjoy a free 14-day trial period, during which they will have unlimited access to all the online yoga programs and classes on the website. After the trial period, you can opt for either the monthly subscription at $14 per month or the annual subscription at $120 per year.

Best for Achieving Targeted Goals: Healthy Moving

Healthy Moving is owned and run by Jen Hoffman, a Certified Personal Trainer -Restorative Exercise Specialist (CPT-RES) and Registered Yoga Teacher (eRYT-500).

The platform offers a variety of different online yoga programs that you can join. Each program caters to a targeted health and wellness goal, making the classes on Healthy Moving ideal for individuals know what benefits they want to get out of practicing yoga. 

For example, the Mindset Mastery Course helps individuals who struggle with self-esteem issues dispel negative thoughts and build a positive mindset. Through a series of 12 masterclasses, you can learn how to improve your mind-body connection and manage your body image issues.

Alternatively, individuals who work at computers regularly and suffer from related ailments such as neck pain, shoulder pain, or stress may benefit from the Tech Body Fix program. This online program helps you be more mindful about things like your posture while working and avoid the negative impacts of an overly sedentary lifestyle.


  • Targeted programs can help you achieve specific goals 
  • Jen Hoffman, the instructor for all the classes on the platform, has over 15 years of experience in teaching yoga


  • The platform does not offer subscription-based plans, and you will need to purchase classes individually


The online yoga programs on Healthy Moving are priced individually and generally cost between $97 to $297 per class or program.

Bonus Mention: Tripaneer

While not technically an online yoga program, Tripaneer is a platform that you can also consider using to further your wellness journey. Tripaneer specializes in wellness holidays, and you can use the platform to book a retreat where you can relax your mind, body and spirit.

The platform features thousands of different holidays that you can book in over 20 countries worldwide, including the USA, India, Spain, Greece, even Tanzania. You can also book online experiences such as retreats, wellness coaching sessions and private sessions on

To date, over 180,000 people have booked wellness holidays using the platform. If online yoga programs just aren’t doing it for you, you can consider using Tripaneer to book a wellness holiday that is guaranteed to relax your mind and body.


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